Hello Beautiful People,

Let me start off by saying Congratulations to you Class of 2018! You have made it to your senior year! Senior year will be the hardest, most emotional, and most exciting year in high school. You are the top dogs of the school and you will receive special treatment this entire year. However, there’s more to senior year than prom and graduation. Today I will be sharing the top things I wish I knew before my senior year. Of course, everyone’s senior year is different, but I feel like these are all relatable things that people go through during their senior year.

Take Advantage of Being A Senior  

I cannot stress this enough! If you really weren’t involved in high school, get involved now! You are a senior! Do not skip prom, after prom, the best sporting events, concerts, plays, yearbook/ senior pictures, and (especially) graduation! Now I’m not saying you need to do everything, but go out there and make memories. You’re only a senior once. So, make the most of it.


Get Ahead 

I know the thought of getting ahead is something you’ll just put off to the side. We all do it, BUT senior year is stressful as it is. Do yourself a favor and do not procrastinate, especially with college applications. Yeah and also that project that your government teacher assigned, get it done ahead of time! Procrastination will be so temping and it will try to suck you into that Netflix show, but trust me, you do not want to be doing that project or essay for your college apps the hour before it’s due!

Senioritis Is A Real Disease

Senioritis: (n) the number one cause of the death of a senior’s grades. You may have thought you had the disease before, but you didn’t. You don’t understand until you realize, GPA is locked in and all you have to do is pass. Senioritis kills, be carful. Especially if your parents are wanting for you to find a cure ASAP!

People Will Change, Including Yourself 

“What? My best friend and I would never change! We will be friends forever!” Or, “No, my boy/girlfriend are really serious and we’re going to stay in the relationship throughout college,” may be going through your head when you read that. I was in your same position. I thought the people I had hung out with would stay the same, and I thought I would too. But you realize, your best friend may be going to a different university as you. Or you want what’s best for the person you were dating so they can go and do what they need to do in life. You may not necessarily change, but you mature so much in your senior year. You stop living in the little fantasy of high school, and be thrown into mess of reality.

The Lasts Will Hit Hard 

The last home foot ball game, the last school dance, the last exam, the last walk down the hallway. You don’t realize how much you took advantage of everything, until now. It almost makes you want to stop time and just enjoy everything you were given. You’ll want everything to come by so fast, until it’s too late to just live in the moment. I realized this while sitting in my cap and gown at the NRG stadium. I was looking around and thought, “This is it. No more waking up early. No more seeing my classmates. No more high school.” And it hits you, hard. Making you want to live those hard, crazy, and unforgettable memories from high school. But you know that this isn’t the end, this is only the beginning of the rest of your life.

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