Waiting in a room full of people who are anxious to yell “SURPRISE” to Luis was probably one of the most exciting and nerve-wreking times that night. As guests were peeking through the blinds to see when Luis would arrive for his birthday celebration the anticipation grew more and more. When he finally arrived, the crowd went wild and he did not know what hit him.  The plan played out perfectly without a glitch.  The night was filled with laughter, great food, dancing, celebration, and yes even some tears.

There were some yummy goodies to eat!

Watching the slideshow of Luis’s life in pictures was probably my favorite of the night.  Family is so important and you can see just how much love surrounds this family.

He is blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful grand children and loving friends and family. They did not leave his side the entire night.

His sisters gifted him with a Mariachi band, and he stole a dance with his beloved wife.

His son gave a heartfelt toast that touched everyone in the room.

What better way to celebrate a cowboy’s birthday, who has a mustache, than with a cowboy-mustache surprise birthday party?  Let me tell you guys, we had a blast!