From Behind the Lens…

Investing in a professional make up artist for all of your photography sessions is totally worth it!

Every bride wants to look flawless on her special day; however, most brides forget that both the engagement and bridal sessions are equally important. Make Up Artist, Eliana Olivo, suggests that a true professional make up artist should help each bride achieve the look they want, whether it be a natural look, or a glamorous one with a radiant glow. They will do this with the belief that a bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself, not someone else’s idea of what she should look like. It’s important to hire a professional makeup artist because they are not only trained to find colors that look good on you but they also find a look that compliments the style you are going for. To learn more about the importance of hiring a professional make up artist, visit Eliana’s page at

Eliana and Ashley are Leslie’s Go-To Make Up Artists. Trust the Pros… You won’t regret it! 😉



Take a look at our beautiful bride Mrs. Webb!  Professional Make up by Ashley Sanchez