Hello Blogers,

I am not sure if you remember The Surprise Engagement Session that I did a few months ago. To make it short and sweet I ran into an unfortunate situation just minutes before the “surprise” proposal.  At home I jokingly said that my brand new shirt was to blame for the bad luck and that I would never wear it again. It became known as the bad luck shirt.  Ha ha! However the shirt was too cute not to wear again. I decided that my judgement on this garment was harsh and gave it another chance while photographing with my friend Joey, of JoeyT Photography.  I assisted him in one of the most fun weddings: cute couple, happy family & friends, great wedding venues!

But wouldn’t you know it, I had one of the worst days ever. Behind the scenes I just had the worst luck, and as the day progressed so did the mishaps. I giggled a little to myself thinking, “Why did I wear this shirt?” Shortly after I decided that I was stronger than anything this bad luck shirt would throw at me.  I kept praying, “Jesus, I really need you to walk along side me today.” And he did, we got through more obstacles in one night that I have ever encountered on the job. Towards the end of the reception, I was mentally exhausted.  But with all the great music and laughter, I was uplifted with the joy all around.

I just have to take a moment to praise God for his little life lessons.  He is so good and loving in his teachings, and I am grateful for all that he provides.

During the Father-Daughter dance I was able to see what this day was all about. I was overcome with emotion at the love he had for his daughter.  He embraced her as though it was the last time he was going to hold his little girl, you could see the years of love and adoration for her in his eyes as they filled with tears , and mostly that he wanted to cherish this dance till the last note.

It felt as though this moment was my little reward for enduring such a challenging day… and now I get to share it with you guys. God is great because this, my friends, is how moments like these can make it all worth it. Yes, I know, we all have bad days but love conquers all.