Meet Erin from Erin’s Unique Boutique. She is not only a great friend of mine, but a wonderful person inside and out. Her love for others shines through and has such a loving spirit. I had a business event to attend a few months ago and I needed some help in my presentation. I was so nervous because the year before, I showed up SO under dressed and did not appropriately represent my business.  Erin not only helped me find the right outfit for the event, she helped build my confidence as I rocked my salmon colored dress!  She has a great eye for styling women and is an absolute professional. To all my brides, if you need a new look for an engagement party or wedding gathering of some kind, look no further!

A note from Erin:


I recently opened my own women’s boutique that consists of not only clothes, but fashion consulting, personal shopping and catering to all of my clients on a whole new level.

I go above and beyond an everyday women’s boutique, by offering a great service that leaves each and every customer feeling extra special and unique. At the end of the day, I want to make women feel beautiful by assisting them in a way that allows them to FEEL their best by looking their best! You should never dress “age” appropriate, but you should ALWAYS dress “body shape” appropriate in my opinion. If you have some rockin’ legs and are 45 years old, I say SHOW those legs off in a mini skirt! Wear what you love that looks good on your shape is KEY. I believe in breaking the rules and just being yourself and expressing it through fashion. Empowering women is what I do…..

Come visit me!


Some of the new looks she has for you ladies.