Hello Beautiful People,

Oh yes, I’m talking to you. You know who you are. I’m sure just about every person we have photographed has said this phrase, “I am not photogenic.” But you know what happens? Their photos are amazing! So, what’s the trick? How can you break out of the “I’m not photogenic” mind-set? Well, I’ll tell you right now.

Perception is a huge barricade. The way you look, the way you feel, your self confidence all accumulates in molding your mind set. When going into your photo session, if you don’t feel like the coolest cat around, you can see it in your pictures. My blog Confidence is Key goes more in depth to boost your confidence before your photo session can help!

The way a photographer interacts with you can make a huge difference in your pictures. One thing that I’ve noticed between Leslie Cervantez Photography and other photographers, specifically for school (yearbook photos), is that I don’t feel comfortable with others. This really hit me last year while taking my senior pictures for the yearbook. It was like an assembly line; position, shoot, move. I felt intimidated and uncomfortable because they wanted the photo more than they wanted an experience.

Our goal is to give you both. We want to give you the ultimate photography experience. We want to make your biggest dreams come true when it comes to your senior session. One of our past clients came back to us. She told us that she needed head shots, and could have gone with this photography company that was cheap. However, she decided to come to us because she felt that Leslie knew how to make her look good.

We want the same for all of our clients. We will give you the ultimate experience. We will get to know you to give you the best photo session you could ever imagine. The “I’m not photogenic” mind-set will go away in an instant when you see your imagination come to life.

If you are needing senior pictures, you can contact Leslie for more information. Also don’t forget to follow us on all of our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Snapchat (lc.photo)!

Love Always and Gig’em,